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Baby Room

Choosing to breastfeed for me was very much tied into my distrust of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries seemingly less interested in the families they serve. When baby number one came earth side we established breastfeeding right away and through jaundice, pumping/supply issues due to PCOS, post-partum psychosis, tongue ties and lots of pain from excoriation we lasted three and a half months.


Making that decision was hard, but local milking sharing communities supplied my son with all the donor milk he needed through his first 15 months. I wholehearted believe human babies deserve the best start at life and mother’s milk is that life force. Five years later baby number two arrived and I am still as zealous and dedicated to breastfeeding. This time we made it to six and a half months and though we’ve had to use donated human milk again, I am very proud of our journeys and feel I successfully breastfed my children.


I now have three children and I’ve breastfed two of them. When I had my first child, I didn’t have much information about breastfeeding and there were a lot of complications with that birth. I got more information prior to the birth of the second child and she was breastfed 10 and half months. I noticed she didn’t get sick until I had stopped breastfeeding her.


Now, with my third child I plan to continue to breastfeed even as I return to work. I’ve got a really good pump and I’m able to pump at work. It’s working because I got the needed information and I’ve seen the benefits of breastfeed for my baby and me! I’ve learned “Babies are born to breastfeed.” Breastfed babies smell sweeter, are smart, more independent as they grow older, and just healthier! Believe me, breastfeeding requires some adjustment in your life. There are some challenges, but it’s worth the changes.


I breastfed for four months, and now I wish I had continued. It’s easier and I felt my son and I had a strong connection. It’s a way of bonding and good for the baby’s immune system. I recommend it to everyone.



To address African American breastfeeding disparities through dissemination of information, research, consultation, and support so that every African American family will make well-informed decisions regarding the choice to breastfeed.

To educate the African American community about the benefits of breastfeeding for mother, infant, and the community; as well as the risks of formula feeding.

Baby Room

I came from a family of five children, who were all breastfed. We were given the ability to feed our children so, I felt it was the right thing to do.

The health benefits and the bonding connection was another reason why I chose to breastfeed. It’s a bond mother and child will have forever.


It’s cost effective and GOD endorsed! I wanted my son to have the best head start as possible! It’s the least I can do for him and it only cost quality time!

Eczema runs in my family, and my sister’s children are affected more than mine’s. I believe that’s because I chose to breastfeed.


I'd tried to breastfeed my oldest, but was offered no help in the hospital. 

When I tried at home I had no luck.  My second daughter I was DETERMINED to breastfeed for as long as possible. I was determined to give my child the healthiest start to life.  The way nature intended and not force her to digest some man-made, fortified product.  Support from AABA of Dane County, Inc. I was able to nourish my baby from my own body for seven months.

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