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About Us

AABA of Dane County's Mission is:

To address African American breastfeeding disparities through dissemination of information, research, consultation, and support so that every African American family will make well-informed decisions regarding the choice to breastfeed.


AABA of Dane County's Goals:


  • To educate the African American community about the benefits of breastfeeding for mother, infant, and the community; as well as the risks of formula feeding.

  • To seek continued advances in evidence-based breastfeeding information through education of staff, training of community members and providing on-going support to breastfeeding mothers and the members of this organization.

  •  Support increasing the breastfeeding initiation rate among African American mothers while simultaneously increasing breastfeeding duration rates through the support of AABA's community based programming initiatives.

  •  Provide consultation for individuals, state departments, academia and community-based programming on best practices in respect to infant feeding methods.

  • To assist others in becoming Certified Lactation Consultants, and AABA Breastfeeding Ambassadors, in this community.

  • Provide resources to agencies needing diverse and culturally informed Certified Lactation Consultants.

AABA is the first non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to educate African American women and their families about the maternal, infant, and societal benefits of breastfeeding. AABA has provided support to African American mothers and the community for over 14 years.

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